Cannabis oil vs Hemp oil vs CBD oil

Know The Difference: Cannabis oil vs CBD oil vs Hemp oil

With the recent explosion of interest around Cannabis oil over the last number of years it is truly being normalised in society. This normalisation of Cannabis brings people with little to no previous knowledge or experience of Cannabis seeking clarity on the different naming conventions and aspects of cannabis. Read on to find out the difference of cannabis oil vs CBD oil vs Hemp oil.

It can all get a little confusing, so the following article will give you an overview of the main differences between the terms out there and enable you to distinguish between Cannabis Oil, Hemp Oil & CBD Oil and also, how does this tie in with Marijuana.

The Cannabaceae Family of Plants

Ultimately all of these come from the same family of plant, the Cannabaceae. According to Wikipedia, Cannabaceae is a small family of flowering plants with about 170 species grouped in 11 Genera which include Cannabis (hemp, marijuana), Humulus (hops) and Celtis (hackberries).

As we know Hops has been the predominant bittering agent of beer for hundreds of years. Cannabis, specifically Hemp has many uses and can produce items like rope, sails, paper and clothes to name but a few.

Simply put, Hemp is the term given to the ‘industrial’ uses of Cannabis and Marijuana reflects more of the recreational uses of Cannabis. Many state that Marijuana is the ‘slave name’ of Cannabis as this was the name given to it by the ‘reefer madness’ campaign perpetrated through the 1920’s.


Cannabidiol (CBD) vs Tetrahydrocannabinoil (THC)

There are more than 100 identified compounds in the marijuana plant.

Of these CBD and THC are the most abundant.

Though they come from the same plant, their uses are very different.

THC is the compound that provides the ‘high’ feeling.

It stimulates your brain cells and causes the release of dopamine.

THC also activates the cannabinoid receptors, which causes mellowness.

Pain relief, increased appetite, euphoria, and relaxation are typical effects of THC.

Until recently, most people associated marijuana only with THC.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause intoxicating effects.

However, CBD still interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

It boosts endocannabinoid levels and helps to prevent their natural breakdown.

As a result, CBD has some of the effects of THC without being psychoactive.

Another difference between CBD and THC is where the compounds come from.

CBD can be found in cannabis buds as well as industrial hemp.

Alternatively, industrial hemp contains only trace amounts of THC.

Instead, THC can be found primarily in the cannabis flower.

Finally, CBD is legal in many parts of the world, while THC is not.

CBD is widely available in many forms and is simple to obtain.

As a result, many are free to enjoy the effects of CBD use in everyday life.

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