5 Ways to consume CBD


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5 Ways to consume CBD

1. CBD in Cannabis or Hemp
Cannabis has a high amount of cannabinoids, which provide a wide range of effects.
Hemp is naturally low in THC and high in CBD and tends to be more accessible.

2. CBD Oil
This is perfect for people who want to be discreet, as CBD oil can be baked and mixed in foods.
It’s extracted from the marijuana plant itself using a variety of solvents.
CBD oil can also be consumed as tinctures, which are taken through a dropper directly into your mouth.

3. CBD Topical Products
These can be applied directly to your skin and offer no psychoactive effects.

4. CBD Vaporizing
Vaporizing lets the CBD take effect quicker, which has been shown to work at a faster rate.
It heats the cannabis so there’s no smoke to irritate your throat or lungs.

5. CBD Sublingual Sprays
This is a concentration of CBD tinctures and is meant to be sprayed under the tongue.
The user has the choice of different CBD to THC ratios depending on their individual preference.

Which one do you recommend?

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